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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to affect the ranking of a website in a search engine's organic result page. Creating good content will only market itself to your human audience, but unfortunately not search engines. This is why SEO is sometimes referred to as search engine marketing (SEM). Let a experienced SEO & Digital Marketing Company help you with implementing a keyword structure, building backlinks and creating an in-depth analysis of your on-page optimization.

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Online Marketing

In a clustered world filled with advertisement “noise”, it's no longer profitable to hang up a poster at your local supermarket. In order to spread your brand to the world, you now need to utilize a wider array of marketing tactics both on- and off-site. This includes advertisement banners, affiliate partnerships, e-mail subscriptions, social media marketing, and of course – content marketing! Hiring a SEO & Digital Marketing Company might just be what you need in order to get the job done right!

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Social Media

Do you remember the good ol' days when the only social media profile you needed to manage was Facebook? Then we saw the rise of other popular social media networks, like Twitter and LinkedIn, quickly followed by networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram. We understand that this might be a lot to handle, and that's why we offer to create and manage all of your social media profiles under one contract. You won't have to touch them at all, just lean back look at all your happy followers.

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How do you expect to know what's wrong with your website if you don't have all the numbers? Letting a SEO & Digital Marketing Company work on a in-depth analysis of your site might be just what you need in order to see your brand skyrocket. Having numbers such as page views, clicks, sales and conversions makes it a lot easier for you to really get under the skin of your customers, and therefore fully understand what needs to be improved. This will turn apathetic viewers into valued customers.

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Unfortunately, it's not enough to use automatic translation services like Google Translate, ExPASy and Linguee when you're looking for a seamless transition between languages. All fall down compared to experienced translators who has spent years studying and truly understanding the languages you need to translate. Not only will SEOSEON translate your texts from one language to another, our trained experts will also translate into local currencies, time zones, units of measure, and so on..

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Not only are we passionate about the digital marketing world, we also love to share our knowledge and experiences to the world. SEOSEON blog is exactly that; a place to read up on latest industry news, strategies, tactics and secrets. Online marketing is always changing, and therefore it's a death sentence to think that you know everything. Marketers need good resources to make good decisions, and our clients will get a better understanding of what needs to be done in order to skyrocket!

December – January was profitable era for our AdWords partners. Here is a little roundup:

Advertising Cost


Average CPC


Ad Revenue




*Numbers based on interval DEC 12 – JAN 10. All AdWords accounts included.

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