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Analytics provides answers. If you want to find out how well your website works from your customer’s perspective or how effective your marketing campaigns are, we can help you.

Companies are often in the dark when it comes the actual effectiveness of search engine optimization or digital marketing, and are unable to utilize data collected through social media to its full potential. Through multiple metrics, web analytics helps you get the most bang for your buck through a thorough understanding of what visitors are actually doing on your website and what they find valuable. This will help you convert incoming traffic into revenue.

It’s possible to reach greater visibility in organic search engine results even with small technical adjustments, resulting in more traffic and customers. Analytics allows us to identify the critical areas of improvement on your website. An effective online presence is impossible without a comprehensive understanding of website functionality or digital marketing.

Why choose us, then? By allowing SEOSEON to audit your websites, you won’t have to purchase expensive analytics tools or spend valuable time learning how to operate them. Instead, we’ll provide you with meticulous analysis and detailed results, presented clearly in intelligible and easily accessible reports.


The smartest thing you can do for your website is to integrate SEO data with analytics data to create a continuous process of improvement. Online marketing tactics are changing all the time, and SEO analytics is the best way to measure if your website is up-to-date. Only when you have this data will you be able to optimize key pages and get specific advice about what has to be done. This is the only way you will get information about what it will take to compete for the perfect URL and keyword. Read more about search engine optimization analytics...


Marketing analytics is something everyone needs at a certain time, not to be confused with web analytics. Web analytics only measures things a webmaster would care about, such as page load times, page views per visit, and time on site. Marketing analytics, on the other hand, measures business metrics like traffic, leads and sales. It also includes data not only from your website, but also from other sources like email, social media, and even offline events. These metrics are a lot more real, and will surely help you increasing your sales. You can spend hours slicing and dicing data with web analytics tools, without gaining a comprehensive understanding of how your marketing is doing. Performance monitoring is where marketing analytics will come in handy. Read more about online marketing analytics...


Social media analytics is a powerful tool for uncovering customer sentiment spread over countless online sources. The analytics allow marketers to identify sentiment and identify trends in order to better meet their customer needs. All the SEO in the world is not enough if your customers aren't happy, and social media analytics is the perfect way to listen to your customers, and then adapt to their needs. Collect the data, and let social media experts transform all this ''Big Data'' into actionable insight. If you don't listen to your customers, you might as well be playing dart in complete darkness. How can your business grow if you don't know what your market is in the need for? Read more about social media analytics

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