Social Media Analytics

Why is social media visibility important for your business?

Social media marketing should always be part of your marketing plan, since a lot potential customers will search you from it. If they can’t find you, or your page is not up to date, there is always big chance to lose a potential deal.

Social media is also a good way to listen to your customers, and in that way find out what they really need in order to grow your business.

Social Media Analytics

Why social media analytics?

We will analyze who your customers are, what they need and where they come from (organic search, social media, WOM, etc.) By using data collected from social media analytics, you will be able to save money in your online marketing budget by focusing on the right aspects.

How I can convert my followers/fans into buying customers?

With data from social media we can analyze what your fans really want and which campaigns work best. With this it’s possible achieve better ROI and create content that gets your fans interested (better conversion).

What can I expect?

  • Knowing your customers better (Who are they? What do they want?).
  • Growing your target audience in cost-effective way.
  • Turning your fans and followers into customers (CRO).
  • Reports that you can really understand.

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