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Samuli Mäkelä

Energetic and extremely motivated person who will not give up before goals are achieved.

0 Total Media Ad Spending Growth Slows Worldwide

It has been researched that total media ad spending growth slows down across the world. Global ad spending will grow, but very slowly even more what e-Marketers has forecasted about it. According to a research, total ad spending will reach…

Online Marketing
1 Marketing and Evaluation: Set Smart Goals

Digital marketing is fast claiming its place in the investment repertoire of more and more companies. Indeed, at its most effective, it is very profitable with clearly measurable benefits. However, one can’t escape the impression that some latecomers invest in…

0 30% of CEOs look for growth abroad

How about a three-year headstart? CEOs across the board and irrespective of field are becoming more interested in international expansion. In a May 2015 survey conducted by KPMG, 30% of CEOs counted geographic expansion among their foremost strategic investment priorities…

0 The Future Belongs to Pioneers in Mobile Advertising

Are you aware of the opportunities presented by mobile advertising? Mobile marketing has grown at a breakneck pace in recent years and for good reason. At the heart of this development is the ever-increasing sophistication of mobile optimization. The arrival…