Conversion Optimization

What is conversion optimization?

In online marketing, conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization (CRO) aims to  increase the percentage of website visitors who become customers.

Can conversion optimization effect my search engine ranking?

The answer is yes. Google and other search engines want to show best possible results for their users. When your conversion rate is high it also means that your service is good, in other words; a high  conversion rate is an indication of quality service. We want to make your service better so your customers can enjoy it more, which in turn means that the search engines will love it.

ONLINE MARKETING - Conversion optimization

Do I really need conversion optimization?

  • You can generate more revenue from your existing rankings at minimal additional cost.
  • Your customers will like you more, so there’s a better chance they’ll stay with you for longer.
  • Your increased conversion rate will result in  higher advertising profitability in different media—such as PPC, affiliate marketing, or offline—and therefore greater  business stability.
  • No longer will you be hooked on free traffic or at the whim of a Google algorithm change.
  • If you do it right, increasing your conversion rate will make your website more appealing to visitors, so other sites are more likely to link to it.


What can I expect?

  • Better sales per customer ratio
  • Reports that you can really understand
  • Excellent ROI (Return on Investment)


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