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Finnish Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for more growth with fewer resources? Targeting the Finnish consumers online is a great option as most of your competitors are targeting them only through their English website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Finnish helps you to get the upper hand. 

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Antti SundbergAntti Sundberg
Head of SEO
+358 923 160 980 (customer service)
Contact languages: English, Finnish

Our native Finnish SEO professionals are ready to help you!

The Finnish language is notoriously hard to learn and master. This means that many companies have neglected the opportunity to sell to Finnish consumers in their own language – but you don’t have to! Our native SEO professionals can help you to succeed in the Finnish market. Local links, engaging content, and understanding of the target market are the keys to success in any country. We’ll help you with all of these at a highly competitive price.


  • Better organic visibility on

  • More Finnish traffic to your website

  • More customers with high purchasing power

Why should I care about the Finnish market?

Albeit, not the largest market in the world, Finnish online market space offers three huge advantages: high purchasing power, high online penetration and great accessibility.

Finland’s GDP per capita exceeds for those of France and Italy, while competition for many industries is less intense. Internet penetration in Finland was over 92% in 2016 and the consumers are more than twice as willing to buy from an overseas company than the EU28 average. Simultaneously, especially for those already operating in the European Economic Area (EEA), selling cross-border to Finland is easy.

Why do I need Finnish SEO? Can’t I just target the Finnish consumer with my English website?

Even though Finns have a reputation for being good English speakers, communicating with any person in their native language will carry much more weight than communicating with their second language. Your English-only site also fails to capture the customer who already found a competitive product or service while searching in Finnish. Last but not least, remember that there is different keywords on each language.

How about I just Google translate my current site?

Google translate is a great tool, but it struggles a lot with minor languages such as Finnish. Any native speaker can immediately spot that your content has been machine-translated, which gives your company and brand a cheap and untrustworthy reputation. You don’t want that, right?

Instead, choose a native Finnish speaking SEO professional to help you out. This ensures that not only is your content well localized, it is also targeting the most relevant keywords that your target customers are searching for.

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