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Social Media

In one way or another, social media should be an integral part of every modern company’s business practice. You can use it to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, generate discussion both within and outside your target demographic as well as promote brand awareness. Moreover, social media is an excellent means of getting to know your customers and gathering priceless data about advertising effectiveness, which you can in turn utilize elsewhere in your marketing.

In addition to direct visibility, Facebook advertising provides you valuable information about the effectiveness of your advertising for different demographics, allowing you to target banners and content even more accurately. LinkedIn advertising, on the other hand, is your choice when you want to reach executives and decision-makers. It’s an unrivalled way to get through to purchasing managers and make direct B2B (business-to-business) sales. Social media marketing is well-suited for you, when you have high confidence in your own brand are not afraid of attracting discussion.
The services provided by SEOSEON cover everything from you need from planning, social media management, data collection, analysis and result presentation. Whether you need help with designing individual advertising campaigns or marketing in other Nordic languages, we will find a solution right for you. Almost every successful company has an established social media presence and so should you. It’s an effective marketing channel with easily demonstrable benefits. Don’t waste your time on failed forays. With SEOSEON you’re sure to succeed on the first try.

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Some actually think that social media isn't here to stay, but with Facebooks 1.35 billion active users, and Twitters 284 million, this could not be further from the truth. Successful companies are now using social media, not just for selling their brand, but also to listen to their customers needs. Latest observations show that search engines could in fact be measuring rankings on social media as well. If your company is active on social media, you will get the same benefits as your competitors. If you ignore social media, you could be left behind. The rules always change, and the winners are the ones who are able to adapt to these changes. Are you? Read more about social media marketing...


Without including analytics in your marketing plan, you will have no idea about your progress. Analytics help you measure important information, such as page views, clicks, sales and conversions. When it comes to sales, never underestimate the importance of understanding your visitors. It's easy to understand, track and improve when you have the numbers in front of you. This will turn apathetic visitors into valuable customers. Qualified analytics experts will provide you with all the relevant numbers to help you understand and turn casual visitors into valuable customers. If your competitors are leaving you behind you have only a few options before the clock runs out, and of them is analytics. It's time to start climbing the stairway to success. Read more about social media analytics...


Smart businesses know that social media is a power to be reckoned with. It gives you a direct line of communication between your company and your consumers, and gives everyone with a Internet connection instant access to the latest buzz around your products or services. It has never been easier to lift your brand to new heights. Social media management comes in three steps; developing a marketing strategy, executing that strategy and monitoring the results after the process is finished. Give the guidelines you want to social media experts, and get a complete social media profile in return. Your competition is reaching out, so why shouldn't you? Social media is without a doubt here to stay, so it's time to adjust! Read more about social media management...

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