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While comprehensive localization is often preferable, straightforward translation will sometimes suffice. When you choose to let SEOSEON translate your content, you can be sure that you'll receive high quality content, for several reasons: Our team consist native speakers of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We are always determined to grow our business, and poor quality content is not a part of that picture. If you don't grow, we don't grow! Even though we're all Nordic natives, we're based in Asia. This means that we're able to translate your content at a more competitive cost. Each translator in our team has hundreds of hours of translation experience behind him/her. We're interested in forming lasting relationships with our customers. Please let us know your specific needs and we'll strive to meet them.

Why do I need translation?

If you're looking to expand your eCommerce business or your website to another country, it's crucial that you convert your content to local language. Example. Search engines in Finland will prioritize content that's written in Finnish, while English sites ranks lower on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Why is localization important for translations?

Localization is a very important subject when you're translation a text from one language to another, because you want to give the content a desired local “look-and-feel”. Localization also includes converting to local currency and units of measure, addressing local regulations and modifying content to suit the consumption habits of other markets.

How much does translation cost?

There are many factors we have to consider before we can give a price. How technical the text is, how long the text is and what language you want to translate to all weigh in on the price. All things considered, SEOSEON is based in Asia, and we can therefore do your job cheaper than our competitors in Scandinavia, without losing any quality of the text.

What can I expect from SEOSEON?

  • High priority
  • Cost effective, high quality translations
  • Reports that you can really understand
  • Better ranking in Google SERPs
  • Localized content

Are you looking to localize more than just translations? Read more here.

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