How about a three-year headstart?

CEOs across the board and irrespective of field are becoming more interested in international expansion. In a May 2015 survey conducted by KPMG, 30% of CEOs counted geographic expansion among their foremost strategic investment priorities within the next three years. Simultaneously, though recognizing its potential, a quarter also deemed it a great challenge in such a short time frame.

The majority of CEOs have nevertheless already set their sights abroad. When asked about significant investments in terms of achieving growth, as many as 47% of CEOs cited geographic expansion as a major focus of their company, with 40% answering advertising and marketing. 37% will reportedly expend a significant amount of capital on product development and only 34% on intra-border expansion.

Significant investment priorities of companies in terms of growth

USA decidedly tops the chart as the most attractive country with respect to perceived growth potential. China takes second place with Western Europe hot on its heels. India only ended up fifth, losing out to Central Europe.

Countries or areas with the highest perceived growth potential

Source for figures in graph: KPMG, Global CEO Outlook 2015

On the other hand, 95% Chinese CEOs expressed confidence in the future growth potential of their own country, when the respective figure in the United States was just 31%. Only a half of German companies saw growth prospects without international expansion.

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