Billing details

All of the following details must be included in the invoice:

CIF: B76307735
Calle Puerto Rico 1, local 9
35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Beneficiary information

Make sure that the following information is included in your invoice:

  • Company name
  • Company’s Business ID or equivalent
  • Company’s physical address
  • Email address and/or phone number

Service description, Price and Tax

Also make sure that the invoice contains at least the following information:

  • Service or product description
  • Unit price & Total price for each service/product/line
  • Tax (if included)
  • Grand total price

Keep in mind

  • The Canary Islands is not part of the European VAT zone
  • Always create invoices in English if possible (English invoices will be processed faster)
  • We pay invoices 2-3 times per month (Terms of payment 15 days net)
  • Send your invoices as PDF files to