We are proud to announce that SEOSEON is the official marketing partner for Cleverday!

“Getting into the mobile app business is a new and very interesting area for us. We believe that through our digital marketing strategy and implementation, as well as our SaaS expertise, we will be able to reach great results, very quickly.

Shareholder deals play a major role in our longer-term plan, and we will certainly continue to seize the proposals from promising Startup companies that need our expertise to enable their rapid growth.”

– Co-Founder of SEOSEON, Antti Sundberg

What is Cleverday?

Cleverday is a Finnish SaaS solution based on a mobile application, which allows you to create, share and receive visual digital work instructions in a step-by-step checklist format.

In addition, the platform’s feedback and analytics features allows continuous development of the work instructions, leading to fewer human errors, increased employee and customer satisfaction, at the same time boosting frontline workers productivity.

Cleverday brings deskless workers voice and thoughts from the field to the entire organization, enabling and enhancing the development of the organization’s operations in an exceptional way. You can read more about Cleverday’s mission here.

What does the partnership entail?

SEOSEON Digital Marketing Agency is a shareholder of, and the official marketing partner for, Cleverday. We will use our expertise to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy to spread the word about the Cleverday app, including via SEO, website development, social media and various forms of digital advertising.

“Cleverday is a perfect match for our field of expertise. It complements our existing toolkit of business productivity SaaS tools and as a business idea it is simply clever. B2B software based on a free application is not very common on the market. This model allows for interesting customer acquisition channels when using analytics to trace each app download and lead. Relying on analytics and Cleverday’s versatility, we are able to create interesting sales funnels for both paid advertising and search engine visibility.

At the same time, I believe that this work will teach us much more about optimizing sales, marketing and customer service processes on the SaaS field. In practice, we try to avoid the problem areas that we have faced over the years with our other SaaS partners and customers, while revealing all the knowledge and best practices for Cleverday since day one.”

– SEOSEON Digital Marketing Strategist and Cleverday CMO, Joonas Jukkara

How does Cleverday work?

Cleverday allows you to write detailed work instructions, enhanced by multimedia content, and constantly improved by following up with analytics and direct feedback from frontline workers. It’s paperless, dynamic, always available and saves time otherwise spent on training, trial and error.

Just like with work instructions, a video can make things clearer:

Can I try Cleverday for free?

Absolutely! Besides the Pro and Enterprise plans, there’s a completely free plan (with some limitations). You can get Cleverday app from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or on Cleverday.com – Check it out!