Why is Google Ads Auditing worthwhile?

When thousands or tens of thousands of euros are spent on advertising each month, it is crucial to target your ads correctly. An optimized Google Ads account has a direct impact on your revenue.

The audit will answer the following questions:

  • What is the real return on your ad spend?
  • How much can the advertising budget be reduced (and still reach as many customers)?
  • How can you further develop your advertising efforts?

The important factors in Google Advertising

During an Google Ads audit, we examine the following in your account:

  1. Keywords and search phrases
  2. Quality Score
  3. Ads and targeting
  4. Landing pages
  5. Analytics and measurement of results

How is a Google Ads audit performed?

By submitting your contact information to us, you will receive detailed instructions for performing a Google Ads audit in the reply. An expert will contact you by e-mail no later than the next working day.

  1. Take contact with us
  2. Share viewing rights to the Ads account
  3. Receive the audit report
  4. Have a meeting to discuss the results of the audit
  5. Decide the next step

We are a Google Premier partner

SEOSEON is Google Premier Partner and an official business partner with Google. You will benefit from our expertise and the best tools in the industry.

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