BrandZ once again listed the most valuable brands in the world. The rankings are based on research by Kantar Millward Brown, which explored the value of the world’s best-known brands. This extensive research included over 3 million consumer interviews, analysis of each company’s business, and financial performance. To qualify for the ranking brands must be publicly traded.

In 2019’s listing, Amazon has taken the lead, and Apple and Google are firmly holding to the second and third position. Microsoft ranked fourth, but the difference with Google was still well over $50 billion.

One big boom was the Chinese Alibaba, which brand was estimated to be worth $131 billion and thus became China’s most valuable brand.

The world’s most valuable brands in 2019

  1. Amazon – $315.5 billion
  2. Apple – $309.5 billion
  3. Google – $309 billion
  4. Microsoft – $251.2 billion
  5. Visa – $177.9 billion
  6. Facebook – $159 billion
  7. Alibaba – $131.2 billion
  8. Tencent – $130.9 billion
  9. McDonald’s – $130.4 billion
  10. AT&T – $108.4 billion

Source: BrandZ