It has been researched that total media ad spending growth slows down across the world. Global ad spending will grow, but very slowly even more what e-Marketers has forecasted about it. According to a research, total ad spending will reach up to $569.65 billion in the year of 2015. In March 2015, this figure has been attuned downward from $577.79. It is lower than expected ad spending in North America, Western Europe and Latin America.

Media Ad Spending - TotalAgain according to a forecast, the spending on paid media will reach to 5-7% in 2015 over the globe, boost by rapid increase in digital advertising investments. Due to increase and changing process of digital ads, the people’s concern towards access and consume media has automatically changed. It improves the optimism of advertisers and ad budget growth. This optimistic attitude of advertisers will force global digital ad expenditures to make a jump up to 18.0% in 2015 to access 29.9% or $170.17 billion at least of the complete advertising market.

Advertisers also focus on the point that the overall value of global ad spending will remain optimistic till 2019, by maintaining the confidence of advertisers to gain stability returns to main finances. They have made a target that worldwide ad spending will reach $719.20 billion till the end of 2019. It is not necessary the pace o growth will remain equal in every region rather it will vary from one region to the other across the world. For instance, Western Europe will see the lowest growth levels, but Latin America will experience fast growths. The variation of the growth is based on different factors like adaptability of digital media maturity and economic growth as well.

In 2015, North America has submitted highest as Internet Ad Spending - Mobilespending throughout the world with the predicted amount of $195.26 billion. But it has been also predicted that in 2019, Asia Pacific will overtake North American position and become the leading advertising market with the amount of $1.35 billion. The growth in North America is slightly slower down as it has been predicted by prior forecasts. In this year, the total ad spending in North America will reach up to 4.5% which is less that 5.2% that has forecasted in March. It is the result of lower expected expenditures on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers in US.

Moreover, North America has proved as the largest digital ad market when compare with the world’s largest overall markets. By the end of 2015, the spending of advertiser’s in this region will spend $62.07 billion that is 16.8 % higher than 2014. As far as the mobile internet ad market value is concerned it has reached at $31.53 billion in 2015 that is 43.8% of the overall all worlds mobile ad expenses. Even in mobile internet ad spending market, North America has taken number one position all over the globe and also known as most developed mobile ad market as well. Total expenditure on mobile in US will reach $30.2 by the end of 2015. However in Canada, it will reach $1.3 billion in 2015. US and Canada both have made a target to record double digit growth in mobile market in coming years, by increasing the expenses in mobile video, mobile search formats and social networks on mobile.

Source: eMarketer