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Calle Puerto Rico 1, local 9

35010 Las Palmas


Contact person for questions regarding the registry

Samuli Mäkelä (


Calle Puerto Rico 1, local 9

35010 Las Palmas


Name of registry

SEOSEON e-mails & client registry

The purpose of handling of personal information

Marketing to potential clients, customer relations and service, as well as delivering digital content to subscribers.

Information to be processed

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Company / Organizations
  • Phone number
  • Business address
  • Anonymous website statistics

Disclosure of personal data

No personal information will be disclosed to any third party.

Disclosure of data outside of the EU or EES

The information in the client register is stored within the EU. If needed, it will be stored outside of the EU according to Safe Harbor (EU directive 95/46/EG).

Principles for registry protection

All the data in the registry is stored in a digital format. The information to be processed is only accessible for limited and appointed persons. To access or display information, logins to a closed system is required.

Cancellation of orders and refusal of direct marketing

The client is entitled to deny the use of electronic direct marketing data, which may be done using the link in the newsletter or by contacting the address


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