SEOSEON is now a Google Premier Partner. This certificate is Google’s acknowledgment of solid advertising expertise and that the results we achieve with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) are first-rate.

What is the purpose of the partnership?

The purpose of the Google Partner program is to help companies who looking for marketing services to identify trusted partners to handle theirĀ Google Ads advertising. Currently, there are two different levels of partnership: Google Partner and Google Premier Partner.

Google Partner Google Premier Partner

Google Partner vs. Google Premier Partner

In order to be granted Google Partner status, the individual or company must have the required Google Certifications for Advertising, as well as a sufficient history of managing advertising budgets well.

The Premier Partner status is reserved for companies that have also succeeded in providing their customers with brilliant long-term results, clear growth in turnover, and growth for themselves.

Premier Partner Requirements:

  • Large budgets – The partner can also control larger Google Ads budgets
  • Revenue growth – The partner has managed to achieve steady and significant growth in net sales
  • Client retention – The partner’s client retention is in the top of the industry
  • Client acquisition – The number of clients has grown steadily

In a nutshell, Google Premier Partner Agencies have brought clear growth for themselves and their customers, and are a preferred option for managing your Google Ads advertising.