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Our marketing blog contains the latest tips and tricks for effective digital marketing. We strive to provide content that serves as a good source for information and brings new ideas to the future.

Google Ads – Choose the best ad type for your goals

Advertising in Google Ads is often the most important tool for increasing online sales. In particular, Google Ads advertising is so effective by targeting users who are already searching for your business, products or services. You can realistically expect up to 500-2000% return on your existing advertising budget. In this article, you will find the […]

The Google Optimize tool is now freely available to everyone

How would you like the idea of increasing your sales, without additional investments in marketing? Website optimization is a way to achieve better results with the same number of visitors. The new Google Optimize tool lets you test factors that affect conversion rates and make data-based decisions.

The Most Under-utilized Marketing Metrics & KPIs

As modern marketers, we all tend to focus on measuring. Metrics are becoming more important to marketers than Mad Men -style booze-infused meetings and hand-drawn concept boards. But are we measuring the right metrics? Here, we are presenting two vital metrics that are not properly measured in most organizations. The first one will solve most of your budgeting […]

How Google AdWords is evolving in 2016

The seas of AdWords are in full swing and we have the latest news. A surprisingly large number of things are being changed, added and tweaked this year, starting with the main layout itself. Complete redesign of the AdWords Interface Let’s face it, Google AdWords is a bit of a mess. Even experienced advertisers can […]

Giving Free Advice is Advisable: Content Marketing Tips for Professional Services Firms

An increasing amount of professional services firms have taken content marketing as an essential part of their marketing mix. This is understandable in a world where yellow pages have become a thing of the past, and instead, potential clients are turning to search engines when looking for advice and answers. Content marketing can be defined […]

Marketing and Evaluation: Set Smart Goals

Digital marketing is fast claiming its place in the investment repertoire of more and more companies. Indeed, at its most effective, it is very profitable with clearly measurable benefits. However, one can’t escape the impression that some latecomers invest in it just out of fear, doing a little bit of everything just because their rivals […]

Mobile Advertising: Turn Mobile users into Valuable Customers

Mobile advertising should be an investment priority for any successful business In the modern age, people rely on their smartphones more than ever. Whether it be booking airline tickets or finding a place to eat, people are going mobile at an increasing rate. The moment when a customer is searching for information and evaluating alternatives […]

E-commerce localization for Scandinavia: Are you ready?

  E-commerce is Growing and So Should You   Nordic countries are known as pioneers when it comes to the popularity of online purchasing. Given the historically strong economic relations and pre-existing distribution networks between Germany and Scandinavia, this makes it a highly lucrative region for German e-commerce operators to focus their efforts on. Norway, […]

Google AdWords In a Nutshell

  Google AdWords Advertising in a nutshell While most e-commerce operators are undoubtedly familiar with Google AdWords advertising, do you know what you’re actually paying for? Whether you’ve already been running an AdWords campaign or you’re just getting started, this article will give you a few noteworthy pointers. In addition to other services, we also […]

Understanding The Marketer

  Understanding The Marketer   Are you up to speed on marketing terms? Working in online marketing, we usually think that everyone understands exactly what we’re talking about at all times. Unfortunately this is far from true, and that’s exactly why we’ve chosen to post the meaning of different marketing terms here in our blog. […]


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